Kym and Mels Cleaning Services - Making Life Easier


1)   Shower Recess - Remove Soap Scum and Mold on Tiles and Floor

2)   Shower Screen - Remove Soap Scum and Water                                      Marks - Screen left smear free

3)   Sink Cupboard - Remove all Items to Clean Shelves and doors inside and out - items returned in a neat order

4)   Hand-basin - Cleaned with Mold, Toothpaste and Soap Scum Removed

5)   Taps - Cleaned around bottom edges with soap scum removed. Are left smear free

6)   Bath - Cleaned with soap ring, dust    and soap scum removed. Taps are scrubbed and left shiny with no smears

7)   Mirror - Dusted, toothpaste and Watermarks removed. Is left clean and                      streak free

8)   Exhaust Fan - Removed and cleaned/dried before being replaced

9)   Toilet including S Bend - Toilet is bleached including all hinges and inside bowl. The s bend and bottom of toilet/floor is cleaned and dust free. Is left clean and sanitised. 

10) All Tiles - All tiles are cleaned with mold, soapscum and dust removed. Grout is cleaned and mold/dirt

11) Floors- Floors are vacuumed and mopped. They will be left dirt and dust free.

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