Kym and Mels Cleaning Services - Making Life Easier


Fridges are obviously the place to keep food in.

Fridges can have lots of spills and off Food and Drinks such as Milk stored in them until it is realised that they are there.

Do you know what is also under and behind your fridge? How long since it has been pulled out? We have found a lot of things such as old photos and memories under there.

We can do the following to keep your Fridge and Freezer Clean and Healthy

1) Remove all old/off food

2) Remove all Shelves and Clean them

3) Clean inside of Fridge and Freezer       - Defrost if necessary

4) Pull Fridge out - Clean the outside on all sides and the back
     - Vacuum Under and Mop the                Floor
     - Remove cobwebs and clean the                                                                     Walls and Skirtingboard

5) Replace all Shelves and Food Items that are fresh and "in Date" 

6) Clean Doors