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WindowsHaving clean windows can make your home look clean and inviting.
There are so many benefits to having clean windows.
1) Clean windows will improve the overall look of cleanliness to your home and business.
2) If windows are dirty, then sunlight cannot enter your home as much as through clean windows. Sunlight is a natural bacteria killer which can help to improve the hygiene of your home.

3) Any surface can hold bacteria and germs. This includes windows. A lot of mold can build up on the inside which can be dangerous to your health.
4) Spiders love windows- especially the fly screens. With a regular cleaning of windows, all of the spiderwebs are gone which means that there are less                                                    spiders hanging around.
In the Adelaide Hills, we get a lot of Redback Spidersand White Tip Spiders. Both are extremely dangerous and can kill.
5) Regular cleaning of your windows can prevent any permanent marks and damage occurring. This means that your windows will last longer and you do not have the expensive task of replacing them.
We offer a window cleaning service that is based on your needs.

We suggest that you have a regular service at the start of summer, spring and autumn so that all through the year, your windows are clean.
The best part of getting us to clean your windows is that you don't have to do it yourself - which makes your life easier :)
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